Shipping deadlines passed?  Not to worry. When you head out to finish your holiday shopping, you can check out these exclusive items that are available in stores!   


The Adventure Force Nitro Circus Dirt Bike & Rider includes a rugged 1:12 scale dirt bike that is ready to go off-road and race around the track. Your child can do realistic backflips and enjoy an added level of interactivity with realistic sound effects. 

 Nitro Circus Dirt Bike RiderNitro Circus Dirt Bike Rider

Adventure Force Nitro Circus Dirt Bike & Rider with Sound Effects | Ages 5-12 | Available in multiple colors

This product is available exclusively at Walmart US and Walmart Canada, please click here to find your local store. 



Little ones can ride off to exciting adventures on this Nitro Circus 16” Kids Motobike with included training wheels, motocross-style fenders, and authentic Nitro Circus graphics. 

Nitro Circus 16" Kids Motobike | Size: 16" | Blue | Find in stores or online

READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL? These BMX bike's sturdy build and design makes it perfect for bikers just learning the ways of BMX and also for more experienced cyclists as well. Its multi-surface tires are highly versatile and help aid riding on all terrains with enhanced grip and control. 

Nitro Circus 20” BMX Kid’s Bike | Size: 20"  | Matte Black | Find in stores or online

Nitro Circus 20” BMX Kid’s Bike | Size: 20"  | Red | Find in stores or online

AND IF YOU ARE UP NORTH. Check out this 18" BMX bike available in Walmart Canada - ideal for both novices and advanced riders.

Nitro Circus 18” BMX Kid’s Bike | Size: 18"  | Black  | Find in stores or online


AND FOR THE KIDS WHO PREFER NO HANDS... This Nitro Circus Skateboard is a versatile 9-ply maple skateboard, featuring exclusive Nitro Circus graphics. Perfect for beginners. 

Nitro Circus Skateboards


Nitro Circus Skateboard | Size: 31" | Various Colors 

This product is available exclusively at Walmart stores, please click here to find your local store.



Style and safety come together with these new bike/skate helmets from Bell Sports. Both feature a multi-sport design that makes them perfect for riding on bike trails or rolling through the skate park.


Bell x Nitro Circus Ollie Child Helmet | Ages 5-8 | Red/White Stars | Find in stores on or online

Bell x Nitro Circus Ollie Youth Helmet | Ages 8-14 | Black/Red Stars | Find in stores or online


Bell x Nitro Circus Exodus Full-Face Helmet w/ Chinbar | Ages 8+ | Black Camo | Find in stores or online



The Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Junior Replica Scooter which just rolled into town this fall is available at all Halfords stores across the U.K.

Ryan Williams Replica Scooter

 - Find a store near you.



Check out Big W for the latest Nitro Circus Pogo Stick and Scooter. The perfect gifts for any Nitro Circus Superfans!

Nitro Circus Scooter at Big W





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